Jesus MD - Audiobook on CD
Jesus MD - Audiobook on CD
by David Stevens

An audio book narrated by David Stevens, MD. Jesus - the ultimate doctor. His touch extended grace to the sick and sinful of ancient Palestine and left a miracle in its wake. And his ministry hasn't ceased. Today, he looks for willing hearts and hands through which he can heal a needy world. Dr. Stevens knows. His eleven years at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya have shown him more than the drama and sacrifice of missionary medicine. In this audio book, Dr. Stevens shares the insights he has gained into the character, power, and purposes of the Great Physician and what it means for you to follow in his footsteps. Electrifying, moving and thought-provoking, "Jesus, MD" will help you see your relationship with God and your world in a brand-new light. Your life is filled with incredible possibilities waiting to unfold one by one as you walk in the presence and provision of Dr. Jesus.

Disc eight has a priceless interview with Dr. Stevens and Dr. Ernie Steury as a bonus in this CD collection. Dr. Ernie Steury was the first doctor at Tenwek Hospital, a ministry of World Gospel Mission, and a mentor to Dr. Stevens.

8 CDs. AV1030. Also available in paperback (BK6172).

Disc 1 - Chap 1 & 2
Disc 2 - Chap 3 & 4
Disc 3 - Chap 5
Disc 4 - Chap 6
Disc 5 - Chap 7 & 8
Disc 6 - Chap 9 & 10
Disc 7 - Chap 11 & 12
Disc 8 - Concl & Interview with Dr. Steury
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