Just Add Water DVD - Marks of a Christian Doctor 1&2
Just Add Water DVD - Marks of a Christian Doctor 1&2
by David Stevens, MD

The first in a series of "instant meetings." This informative DVD will help answer questions such as: What is the difference between a doctor and a Christian doctor? Is it just belief in Christ as their Savior or is it more? Dr. David Stevens examines the "Marks of a Christian Doctor" in CMDA's resource, Just Add Water. He looks at the characteristics Christian doctors demonstrate that sets them apart from their non-Christian colleagues. This two-session DVD will help you identify the marks of the Great Physician and learn how to incorporate them into your practice of medicine. Topics include:
· Scars, Bad or Beautiful
· Competency and Control
· Tyrant or Servant Leader?
· Communication, Character and Compassion.

Session 1 = 25:47 mins. Session 2 = 30:37 mins.

Each volume in the Just Add Water series includes advice from Dr. David Stevens on "How to Have a Meeting". Length is 10:12 mins. DVD. AV1039
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