Just Add Water DVD - Place for God in Medicine?/Communicatin
Just Add Water DVD - Place for God in Medicine?/Communicatin
by Al Weir, III., MD

Second in a series of "instant meetings." Al Weir explores two subjects on this DVD, the first titled, Is There a Place for God in Medicine? As a medical oncologist, Dr. Weir faces tough decisions with his patients on a daily basis. Session 1 explores a topic that lies at the center of the task to care for those who suffer. Even if you are not a person of faith, when your patients are seriously ill, most of them will cry out to God for help. Answer questions such as:
» How do I put together God’s work and science in the healing of my patients?
» Do I have to take off my Christian hat when I come into the hospital and put on my scientific hat, then change again when I go home---or can I wear consistently a hat that says both Science and Christ?
» Is there a place for the God I serve in scientific healthcare?

Session 2 titled Communicating Bad News explores the methods used to communicate news to a patient that may not be well received. As physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual people, we as doctors and fellow humans are responsible for the whole person. Answer questions such as:
» What is this patient’s most important consideration when she hears the news?
» What do you feel when you are giving the news?
» Is communicating bad news an art or a science?
» What are your goals for the communication that is about to take place?
» What do you need to do the day before meeting with this patient?

Use this insightful tool to create an atmosphere for discussion and growth.

Session 1 - 31:30 mins. Session 2 - 21:06 mins.

Each volume in the Just Add Water series includes advice from Dr. David Stevens on "How to Have a Meeting". Length is 10:12 mins. DVD. AV1040
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