Just Add Water DVD - Myth of Moral Neutrality/Much More Than
Just Add Water DVD - Myth of Moral Neutrality/Much More Than
by John Patrick, MD

Fourth in a series of "instant meetings." "Teaching in modern secular state funded universities should be from a morally neutral position." This controversial statement from a faculty board provoked Dr. Patrick to leave his career as professor. He now travels the world speaking to Christian and secular groups on moral issues in medicine, culture, and the integration of faith and science. In this session, he shares from biblical stories, poems and essays why he believes secular teaching of moral neutrality is "a figment of the liberal imagination." Are you intimidated by the politically correct liberal tolerance? Are you allowing it to get in your way of understanding faith? Dr. Patrick offers a "test system" that will help us decide the kind of people we are to be.

Session 2, Much More Than a Baby Dies In Abortion, states the fact that agreement about abortion is clearly impossible in our society, but asks if we still share a large degree of moral consensus. Dr. Patrick proposes the central question is not abortion, but how to decide if an action is medically ethical. Hear his views on the rationality of both sides of the issue and the consequences that have been incurred through the legalization of abortion. Does law without transcendent roots express power more than justice? Session 1 - 25 minutes; Session 2 - 29 minutes.

Each volume in the Just Add Water series includes advice from Dr. David Stevens on "How to Have a Meeting". Length is 10:12 mins. DVD. AV1049
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