Just Add Water DVD - Decision-Making In Clinical Ethics/PAS
Just Add Water DVD - Decision-Making In Clinical Ethics/PAS
by Robert Orr, MD

"Decision-Making in Clinical Ethics" highlights the fact that modern healthcare involves many medical and ethical decisions for professionals, patients, and their families. Does being a Christian make a difference? Dr. Orr describes a four-quadrant method of reasoning, first introduced by Jonsen, Siegler, and Winslade in "Clinical Ethics," with application of biblical principles and doctrines included in the decision-making process. Sharing personal experiences, Dr. Orr cautions professionals in their assessment of a patient's quality of life merely by looking at their physical situation. Session 2 - "Is There Ever Justification for Physician-Assisted Suicide?" Should it be legalized as it is in Oregon? Should we follow the Dutch in their legalizing of euthanasia? As you will learn from this lecture, Dr. Orr's passion for following a "Code of Ethics" derives from his knowledge and understanding of the quality and sanctity of life.

Session 1 - 24 minutes, Session 2 - 19 minutes. DVD. AV1053
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