Just Add Water DVD - Benefits and Challenges of Mentoring/Wh
Just Add Water DVD - Benefits and Challenges of Mentoring/Wh
Session 1 - "The Benefits and Challenges of Mentoring" by Inis Bardella, MD

Doctor Bardella begins this presentation by asking the question, "Why be a mentor?" She continues her talk by addressing the qualities and tasks of a mentor. Who and how are important questions, and she gives input from her personal experience. Her passion for mentoring comes across as she speaks about the benefits and challenges of mentoring DVD. 13 minutes 09 seconds.

Session 2 - "Who Says You Can't Do It All?" by Elisa Ghezzi, DDS

Far too often doctors are expected to do it all. Their careers demand a heavy workload, and the status of the profession propels doctors into important leadership roles in their communities. There is a price to pay. Doctor Ghezzi talks about the cost of trying to do it all and the importance of intentional decision making and evaluation of one's life. Recommended for students and young professionals. DVD. 24 minutes 40 seconds. AV1109
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