Just Add Water DVD - Moral Relativism / Stem Cells
Just Add Water DVD - Moral Relativism / Stem Cells
by John Patrick, MD and David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics). Two favorite speakers on one DVD!

Session 1 Overview of Moral Relativism (Patrick)
Moral relativism is at the heart of most of our currently contentious issues relating to sexual freedom: the sanctity of life and the ordering of virtue. This DVD takes the viewer through the arguments in non-technical language. Young people are very vulnerable because they can neither recognize nor deconstruct moral relativism, which is presumed to be true in all the social sciences. The worst feature of this is the cynical indifference of professors who know moral relativism is false but want their libertarian world, so they lie. 26 minutes

Session 2 Overivew of Stem Cells...The Promise...The Debate (Stevens)
What have we learned over the last decade about stem cells? There is enormous potential for medicine, but the debate is, "Where do we get the cells?" The biblical and ethical principles are very clear. So why are scientists continuing to pursue embryonic stem cell research when there are over 70 therapies for diseases from adult stem cell research and none from embryonic stem cells? The ethics of medicine that has stood the test of time is at risk. 23 minutes. DVD. AV1158
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