Finding the Light in Cancer's Shadow
Finding the Light in Cancer's Shadow
by Lynn Eib

Hope, Humor, and Healing After Treatment. Coping with cancer is sometimes more difficult after treatment than during it. You're left with many questions, and few people really understand survivors' unique needs. With her trademark humor and straight talk, cancer patient advocate Lynn Eib takes on the tough questions cancer survivors often ask themselves yet rarely speak aloud: What if the cancer comes back? Is everyone as paranoid as I am? Will life ever be normal again? How do I stay positive? Lynn weaves the story of her own experiences as a long-time cancer survivor and those of other cancer survivors into this hope-filled book. In these inspiring accounts, you'll discover how God can help you move out from the shadow of uncertainty that often lingers over cancer survivors and their families and find renewed purpose and joy.

Paperback. 168 pages. BK6104

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