On Being A Missionary
On Being A Missionary
by Thomas Hale, MD

This book was written for everyone who has an interest in missions, from the praying and giving supporter back home to the missionary on the field or about to be. It is hoped that through reading this book many will be led to reconsider what role God would have them play in the missionary enterprise. It is also hoped that some will be challenged to go, and that others will be challenged to send them. On Being a Missionary is not designed to be a theoretical textbook. It does not put forward new theses, new approaches to missions nor does it attempt to break new ground. Instead the author tries to absorb and then to present in a readable way the ideas, experiences, and insights of over a hundred missionary writers. Drawing on his own years of experience, the author deals with problems, struggles, and failures of missionaries; because it is from these that we learn the most. The goal is to insure that when you get to the field you will be able to avoid many of the problems that have plagued others. Being a missionary is one of the most joyous and rewarding careers possible, and this book aims to make it ever more so.

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