Preparing for a Career in Medicine
Preparing for a Career in Medicine
by Kent Shih, MD

A Christian's Guide to Getting Into and Surviving Medical School Do you know a young person who is contemplating medicine as a career? This would be an excellent gift for them, so they can see what will lie ahead if they continue on this path. The book contains both factual and practical information about life in medical school, intertwined with solid theological discussion. It gives instruction on how to improve grades and MCAT scores, how to discern God's will about a career, how to prepare personally and spiritually for medical school, how to successfully navigate the interview process, and how to avoid the numerous pitfalls that wait to entrap them. Whether they continue in their present plans or decide that medical school is not for them, they'll be sure to thank you for your input.

Paperback. 142 pages. BK6143
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