Medical Ethics - A Primer for Students
Medical Ethics - A Primer for Students
By Robert Orr, MD & Fred Chay, ThM, DMin

You can survive and flourish spiritually during medical or dental training--BUT, you can't do it alone. Medical and dental ethics are about "doing the right thing." Sounds simple, but it's not. Most medical and dental schools include the study of ethical issues in their curriculum because of the recognition that modern healthcare generates lots of "should we?" questions. However, the healing professions have become thoroughly secularized in the past few generations and students of all ages, in all of the healing professions, need a sound Christian foundational understanding of how to answer such questions. This book is written to help Christian medical and dental students as they begin to struggle with what is right and wrong in healthcare. This book has a new cover.

Paperback. 126 pages. BK6174
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