Following the Great Physician
Following the Great Physician
by Dr. Robert & Marian Schindler

"In the beginning, God" was present when the organization known as Christian Medical Society was birthed in the hearts of George Peterson and Kenneth Gieser. Little could they foresee what God would create from their humble vision, and only in eternity will we know the impact of these two men who yielded themselves to serve God and their medical colleagues. This history reads like a novel, revealing God's hand on so many willing who served. The books includes many names you might recognize but have no idea where they fit in God's plan for Christian Medical & Dental Associations. Now you will be able to see the beautiful tapestry that previously was seen as only strings on God's weaving frame. Special gratitude goes to Dr. and Mrs. Schindler for their careful research and fascinating recording of history. Since the Schindlers have been major players in this drama, you will see many of the stories through their first-hand experience and filtered through their hearts. From the beginning in 1931 until 2001, you will see how God led CMDA through valleys and over the mountaintops. You may be surprised to find that some of today's well-known organizations had their beginnings in the history of this ministry. The road has not been easy, but God's faithfulness was proven over and over. This organizational history is one you will want to read, re-read, and share with others. It will inspire you to be part of "changing the face of healthcare by changing the hearts of doctors."

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