To Africa With Love
To Africa With Love
by James Foulkes, M.D.

This exciting autobiography of Dr. Foulkes was written because a statement in a book for retiring missionaries challenged him: "During your missionary career God did a lot of wonderful things for you. It is now your responsibility to share those things with others." While James Foulkes' medical school classmates were settling into suburban American practices, Foulkes was treating near-fatal snake bites, hunting big game to feed hospital patients, and seeing God work miracles in the wild and rough African bush. From a difficult start in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) to retirement in North Carolina, Dr. Foulkes describes story after story of adventure and heartbreak, while always giving praise to the Lord for His work in every situation. An encouraging and enlightening read!

Paperback. 238 pages. BK6268

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