Jungle Doctor's Africa #7
Jungle Doctor's Africa #7
by Paul White

The continual stream of sick and injured patients coming to the Mvumi hospital never stops. They all need help from the Jungle Doctor and his team. Lions and hyenas are just two of the potential killers faced on a daily basis, but it is often the smallest creature of all that is the most deadly. The infamous little dudu carries the hidden but real danger of disease and infection. The Jungle Doctor and his team have their work cut out for them as they tackle meningitis, leprosy, and other illnesses. However, it's not all tragedy and trauma at Mvumi Mission Hospital. There is laughter and fun as well. It's just that very often in Africa, each new day brings joy and sadness, love and loss, but with the love of Jesus Christ there is always hope. Read more about Dr. White and the Jungle Doctor books in the description of the Jungle Doctor set. Ages 8-9, Grades 3-4

paperback.142 pages. BK6411.
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