Jungle Doctor - Eyes on Jungle Doctor #10
Jungle Doctor - Eyes on Jungle Doctor #10
by Paul White

There are patients in the Mvumi hospital who have lived for years in "Utitu" - The Land of Darkness, but they have hope for their blindness as it is rumored that the Jungle Doctor has instruments of iron and strong medicine for eyes. However, Berenge, the witchdoctor, has his own brand of "medicine." This medicine doesn't cure blindness, it causes it. But he won't let a little thing like blindness stop him from getting rich on other people's suffering. He is not going to let his patients out of his clutches so easily. This adventure story tells how Berange's evil deeds are thwarted, and how one patient finds light, not only for his eyes, but also for his soul. Read more about Dr. White and the Jungle Doctor books in the description of the Jungle Doctor set. Age 8-9, Grade 3-4

paperback 158 pages. BK6417
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