Jungle Doctor set - Volumes 1 thru 19
Jungle Doctor set - Volumes 1 thru 19
by Paul White

Jungle Doctor books are classics for the next generation of missionaries, ages 10 and up, written by Dr. Paul White. Dr. White was born in New South Wales, Australia in 1910 and always wanted to go to Africa. He committed his life to Christ as a 16 year old and studied medicine as preparation for the mission field. He and his wife and son left for Tanganyika in 1938. Only two years later, his wife's severe illness forced their return to Sydney. Within weeks Dr. White was invited to begin a weekly radio broadcast which spread throughout Australia as the "Jungle Doctor Broadcasts," and those weekly scripts became the raw material for the Jungle Doctor hospital stories. Paul saw that although his plan to work in Africa for life was turned on its head, in God's better plan he was able to reach more people by coming home than by staying in Africa. It was a great joy for him to meet people over the years who told him they were on their way overseas to work in missions because of his books. Set of 19 paperback books. Even when these show as "out of stock" we will make up sets from our single copies. BK6427

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