Cross-Cultural Partnerships
Cross-Cultural Partnerships
by Mary T. Lederleitner

Nothing derails global partnerships more quickly than cultural misunderstandings about finances. North Americans don't understand cultural expectations of patronage, and Western money often comes with subtle strings attached. So local mission work is hampered by perceived paternalism, and donors are frustrated with lack of results or accountability. How do we build financial partnerships for effective mission without fostering neo-colonialism? Cross-cultural specialist Mary Lederleitner brings missiological and financial expertise to explain how global mission efforts can be funded with integrity, mutuality, and transparency. Bringing together social science research, biblical principles, and on-the-ground examples, she presents best practices for funding partnerships that foster dignity, build capacity, and work toward long-term sustainability. Lederleitner also addresses particular problems like misallocation of funds, embezzlement, and fraud.

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