Why the Church Needs Bioethics
Why the Church Needs Bioethics
edited by John F. Kilner

Why the Church Needs Bioethics: A Guide to Wise Engagement with Life's Challenges edited by John F. Kilner
Three rich and true-to-life case studies illustrate the urgency of such bioethical issues as reproductive and genetic technologies, abortion, forgoing treatment, assisted suicide, stem cell research, and human enhancement technologies, to help you understand and constructively engage bioethical challenges with the resources of Christian wisdom and ministry. Leading Christian voices bring biblical and theological perspective to bear on the incredible medical technologies available today; mobilize useful insights from health care, law, and business; and demonstrate the powerful ways the church can make a difference through counseling, pastoral care, intercultural ministry, preaching, and education. This book equips students, church and lay leaders, and people in health-related fields with the knowledge to make faithful bioethical decisions and to help foster a world where human beings are shown respect as people created in the image of God.

Paperback. 304 pages. BK6505

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