Beyond Medicine
Beyond Medicine
by David L. Stevens
Subtitled--What Else You Need to Know to Be a Healthcare Missionary

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"What I didn't realize initially was that learning to practice medicine overseas was the easy part." As a first year medical missionary in Kenya, Dr. David Stevens was prepared and well-trained to use his medical skills to help serve and care for the needy people in Africa. But his years spent in medical school and family practice residency certainly didn't prepare or train him for the myriad of other responsibilities he faced-governance, management, administration, recruitment, community health, spiritual ministry, development, staff discipline, fundraising, and the list goes on and on. As a healthcare missionary in today's landscape, the success of your ministry depends on your ability to manage the non-medical tasks you encounter each and every day. Dr. Stevens uses his own personal experiences, expertise, and insight to guide you through these topics and many others. With easy-to-use principles, and practical advice designed to inspire and encourage you as you carry out your call in service to the Lord, this book is a must-have resource to help you go Beyond Medicine. Paperback. 345 pages. BK6508
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