by Al Weir, MD

Have you ever heard God whisper? In the midst of a chaotic and hectic life filled with responsibilities—career, family, friends, church, colleagues—and a host of other distractions disrupting you at every turn, are you truly listening for God's voice? Can you even begin to hear His voice over the roar of everyday life? A respected oncologist in a busy practice, Dr. Al Weir knows what it's like to search for God's voice among the hustle and bustle of life and family and work. By leaning in and listening for God's whisper within the stories of real patients and within his own struggles to follow Christ the King, Dr. Weir will show you how to stop, pay attention and listen for God's whisper as you seek to follow His will. Originally developed for Christian healthcare professionals, these daily devotionals are helpful for all Christians who are walking with Christ, learning to become a servant of God and listening for His gentle whispers.

Hardcover. 393 pages. BK6606
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