Grace in Practice: A Mission in Medicine
Grace in Practice: A Mission in Medicine
by Jeffrey Maudlin, and Karen Schmidt

True stories of medical work in under-served areas of the world told from the point of view of a primary care physician. What kind of training and preparation does it take to be able to go work "overseas"? This is explained. The adventure of serving in areas that don't have tertiary care medicine, and how does one work as part of a team. Each chapter shows how talent, training, discipline, sacrifice, and faith in God results in amazing patient care experiences. Also many adventures are recounted of what it is like to live in Latin America and be among the culture successfully. From reading stories about dying babies and their parents, to healing of very sick patients, to dealing with spiritual warfare, to climbing the Andes peaks, the reader will be both laughing and crying through the fascinating adventure story telling of Dr. Maudlin

Paperback. 179 pages. BK6707
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