Loving By Leading
Loving By Leading
by Den A. Trumbull, MD

Having trouble getting your baby to sleep at night? Frustrated with your toddler’s picky eating? Is your preschooler’s cranky behavior getting on your nerves? Is your school-age child getting lost in a world of tablet play and video-gaming? Are you feeling defeated?
There is an answer, and you can do it. You must LEAD your child!
Parents today are too often told to let their children develop on their own and all will go well; just keep them happy and they will thrive. Not so! Children desperately need parents to LEAD them to healthy habits and high character. In Loving by Leading, Dr. Trumbull combines thirty years of pediatric experience with decades of parenting research to give you fact-filled guidance in child rearing, such as:
Investigating the most successful parenting style
Understanding why your child acts the way she does
Learning the true meaning of discipline and how it can help your child
Training your baby to be a healthy, happy sleeper
Bringing harmony to mealtime with your toddler
Encouraging your child to have an active lifestyle
Teaching your child the most valuable character quality for success in life: Self-control
Building a rock-solid relationship with your child from birth to pre-puberty years

Paperback 304 pages, BK6726

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