Fingerprint of God: The Church as a Living Body
Fingerprint of God: The Church as a Living Body
By Ron Bryce, MD

In the Bible and in Christian culture, the church is so often described as the ''body of Christ'' that the words seem to have lost all meaning. Far from being a tired, empty descriptor, however, physician and devoted Christian Dr. Ron Bryce has seen over his decades in the medical field that this popular analogy may be a literal definition of what the church should be. In Fingerprint of God: The Church As a Living Body, Bryce uses examples from science and nature to illuminate how God has placed His signature not only on all living things but also on His church. Bryce argues that by understanding what they are and living cooperatively with one another, the cells of the body of Christ can unite to fight off the diseases infecting the modern church, such as infighting, lack of charity, and lack of forgiveness.

Hardcover 184 pages. BK6735

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