By James Avery

You will be asked to make substantial and sometimes personal choices regarding marijuana in your home, neighborhood, workplace, school, and even at the voting booth. However, myths and misinformation about marijuana have blossomed and flourished, creating a Grand Canyon-like chasm between the public’s perception and scientific reality.

In this cultural moment, a dispassionate, objective, and scientific view is desperately needed. Dr. James Avery has written a comprehensive and approachable book to help you separate fact from emotion, certitude from myth, and truth from spin.

This indispensable book will take you on a riveting journey as you examine marijuana through the disciplines of history, botany, science, public policy, business, faith, and medicine. These disciplines prove to be invaluable and entertaining guides as you explore holistically the complex issues facing us concerning marijuana.

Whether you are a physician, pastor, parent, politician, policymaker, or student, Dr. Avery delivers the evidence-based, research-oriented, unbiased information you want and need. Plus, he unpacks it in a way that is accessible, understandable, and user-friendly.

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