Print - The Gift - unframed
Print - The Gift - unframed
Artist is Gary B. Clark.

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Here's the story of this picture as Gary tells it himself--"The Gift has its origins in Proverbs 24:11 'If you see the innocent being dragged to death, you had better do something' (paraphrase mine). My response was, 'OK, God, but you need to show me what to do.' His response came through a mentor, who suggested that I do a painting of the hands of God holding a baby inside the womb. I obtained permission to use the baby image from Lennart Nilsson's agent. He is a fantastic photographer who has taken many, many pictures from conception through birth. They are pieces of art in themselves. The copyright granted me permission to use the image for the original painting, as well as prints." Image size is about 16" x 20". Signed and numbered. Shipped flat.

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